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  Rice Cooker Series Model# Lead  
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  RICE JAR MMJ-180 SN   Maspion Electric Product  
  RICE JAR MRJ-068   Maspion Electric Product  
  MRC-30 N   Maspion Electric Product  
  MRC-18 BGSS   Maspion Electric Product  
  MRJ_22 BMC   Maspion Electric Product  
  MSC_1820   Maspion Electric Product  
  MRJ-189   Maspion Electric Product  
  MSC-1850   Maspion Product - Slow Cooker  
  MSC-1860   Maspion Product - Slow Cooker  
  MRJ-2018C   Maspion product  
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Adalah buku pertama yang ditulis oleh Dr.(HC).Alim Markus sebagai Presiden Direktur Maspion Group.

Kitchenwares with export quality, at bargain prices!
We offer a wide range of kitchenwares (ex-export) with deep discounts, only for local users, available in Maspion Bazar, Pondok Maspion, Pepelegi, Surabaya.




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