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  Consumer Products

PT. Maspion

Metal Kitchenwares, Plastic Housewares, and Electrical Appliances Manufacturer.








Being one of the largest consumer durable  good producers in the world, the company possesses strong expertise in marketing and manufacturing wide series of quality houseware products of kitchenwares, plastic housewares, glasswares, and electrical home appliances.. It has an established and extensive distribution networks both domestically and internationally through its distributors, agents, or retailers, as well as representatives in major cities in Indonesia and major developed countries. In addition to its marketing and manufacturing expertise, the company has also been strong in establishing strategic alliances with major prominent foreign partners in manufacturing consumer durable products, that has strengthened the company business leading position in the domestic market and also the presence in the global market. In essence, the company business key success factor is the ability to package product design, features, affordable prices, as well as flexibility in production facility to generate the required products in a timely fashion. The historical and current position of the company, i.e market leader in most product lines, has proven its ability to penetrate and establishing major presence in the market.

Apart from its good export market penetration flexibility, the company has the advantage of being a manufacturer and supplier of a wide and perhaps the most complete range of metal houseware product manufactured within the same group of companies in the world, which the company believes is a significant leverage in the market.

The distribution network has been established through its distributorship system by a scrutinized assessment on distributors qualification and creditworthiness; as well as through the group own counters in major general retail outlets in domestic market.

Apart from its own operating businesses, the company also has investments in major consumer durables goods manufacturing and trading businesses, either as wholly owned subsidiaries or joint ventures with prominent strategic partners. Other cooperation in the area of manufacturing, marketing and distribution are also being much ventured to sustain and enhance the company business presence in the market place. In the manufacturing area, the company has become a well recognized OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) players in the world, supplies some well known retail stores and wholesalers in United States as well as other major countries in the world.




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