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FAQ [Products]

1. Do you have a toll free number that I could contact with questions?
  We have a toll free number for Service Center, at +62-8001678900
2. I am interested to become your agent or distributor. How to become one?
  We have an open door policy for all people who are willing to distribute our products, and you may provide us with your details and send it to our Head Office address, with the attention of Marketing Director, for our preliminary assessment.
3. I would like to understand more about the range of products and how can I get the information.
  You may browse through the ‘Our Products’ page of this web site, and if you still have some queries, please do not hesitate to write to us by filling in the Inquiry Form in Contact Us Page.
4. I have one of your metal kitchenware and have lost the glass cover, where can I find a replacement?
  If you are in Indonesia, you may like to visit the Maspion Bazar or Maxim Housewares to purchase the replacement and if you are overseas you may contact our offices nearest to you or send your specific requirement to our marketing office in Head Office address.
5. I bought your electrical product some years ago, and now the product does not work well, Can I have it fixed up?
  All our electrical products are produced with life time warranty in Indonesia. Thus, you could bring the product to our service centers spread out in the country. Life time warranty means you do not to pay anything for the service, however you may need to pay for changed spare parts, as required.
6. I am in overseas country, how can I buy your products in my country?
  We have representative offices spread out in major cities in the world, and you may contact the office nearest to you directly if you intend to buy the products in large quantity. You may also contact us directly in Indonesia, or send inquiry in the provided template. However, if you would like to buy some your daily needs, you may find our products in major well known department stores and retailers like Wal Mart, Federated Department Stores, Target, and many others.
7. I have come across your products and would like to know where can I buy it in Indonesia ?
  Our products are distributed through major outlets, from wholesaler and retailer in traditional market up to modern retailers and specialty outlets through out Indonesia. Our brand names are varies, and among of them are Maspion, Uchida, Maxim, Prisma, Tivoli, Panda, Maslon, Aubecq, and many others. Our group stores, i.e Maspion Bazaar and Maxim Housewares do carry selective products. Maxim Housewares caters medium to high end products and also solely distribute imported foreign made products under the brand name of Luminarc.




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