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Cornerstone of the company philosophy

To create a better future together and to serve the community and the country through the development of the businesses and facilities.

Market leadership and optimum customers’ value through value for money products.

Loyalty, Capability, and Hard Work
Form the pillars of success and achievement. Each member of the organization should preserve his/her integrity and be prepared to work hard and smart for the common benefits of the company and the individuals.

Cost Leadership
Is a key ingredient to be a market leader. Our ability to achieve cost leadership is a competitive advantage.

Unity and Togetherness
Allow the organization to build a cohesive force capable of meeting the stiffest challenges posed by business world.

Growth with Strategic Long Term Objectives
Growth is never measured solely on current achievements, but is balanced against strategic long term objectives to ensure that growth can be sustainable in the future.

Customer Satisfaction
Is a commitment of every member of our organization that is nurtured with pride, as it forms the basis for developing customer loyalty in this increasingly competitive business environment.


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